Tree Trimming Sales

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tree trimming salesThe psychology of sales is something that every business owner should master. There are certain things that make people want to buy from you that work over and over again. We’re going to go over the basics of sales and using this information to your advantage will certainly help you close a lot more deals in your tree trimming business. Most business owners think it’s all about the price they’re charging, which of course has something to do with it, but not nearly as much as business owners think.

The first principle of selling is based on the idea of reciprocity. When you do something for someone, their basic instinct is to do something nice for your back. This is a principle that has been proven time and time again in psychological experiment. There’s a group of people that try to get donations from strangers in public places. These people give the stranger a free gift such as a pin to wear on their jacket because they know that after they give that pin to the stranger, the chances of them getting a donation from that stranger skyrocket.

The second principle of selling is that people like to buy from people they like. If you have a personality that is closed off and quiet, but the person you’re buying from is outgoing and loud, the chances of them buying from you go down. There’s a tactic called modeling which basically means that if the person you’re selling to has poor posture, is hunched over, and speaks slowly, you need to be mimicking them. Don’t make it obvious, but try to replicate what they’re doing as much as possible. This is going to help you close more deals than probably anything else you could possibly do.

The third principle of selling is authority. This means that people like to buy from others that hold a higher status than them. This can be accomplished by dressing nice and being the expert on the service that your selling them. If you can educate them on what they need and why they need it, you’re going to be closing a lot more deals. It’s important to know everything you possibly can about tree trimming and why your services are better than your competitor.

The fourth principle of selling is commitment and consistency. Its important to keep an open line of communication with the person you’re selling to so they feel confident that if they have any questions you can answer them when they reach out to you. It’s important that once you get someone that’s interested in your services, that you keep contacting them until they either buy from you or tell you to screw yourself. When someone contacts you about tree trimming services, it’s because they need their tree’s trimmed. Once they ring your phone, they are giving you permission to sell them on your services.

There are other selling principles that are important but these are my top four picks for the most important selling tools you can arm yourself with. If you apply these principles in your tree trimming business you will certainly take your salesmanship to the next level. When you follow our marketing strategies combined with these selling principles, you will be on your way to running an extremely successful tree trimming business. This post has been sponsored by NTS Landscaping Contractors, the best landscaping scottsdale has to offer.

Get In A Routine And Make More Money Trimming Trees

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Power of WordsWhen it comes to running any kind of business, things can get overwhelming very quickly. There are so many tasks that most small business owners have to handle on a daily basis that the important things can get pushed to the bottom of your list without realizing it. I wanted to write this post to make life easy for every small business owner that reads it. This topic was so important that Forbes published a five page article on the art of managing your time and how to harness that power into growing your business. Even if you don’t own a tree trimming business, you will still finish this article with some new insights into running your business, I can guarantee it.

Without further ado, I’ll get on to the meat and potato’s of this article. If you start applying these right away you will see a drastic change in your business, I promise! First of all, making a list is extremely important with anything you want to accomplish and this is especially true when it comes to running you business. Before you start your day, the first thing you should do before you start doing any work is write down on a piece of paper what the most important things you need to do that day. Usually, I recommend starting with money making activities. By this I mean that you should be concentrating your efforts mainly on sales calls and marketing strategies that will generate you revenue. Once you establish what amount of time you will spend on your money generating activities, than you can focus on other important things such as checking your trucks and seeing if they need maintenance, organizing your cash flow spreadsheets, and anything else you need to do to run a more effective business.

When it comes to scheduling your time, make sure to set specific amounts of time for each activity. If you’re planning on starting off with money generating activities, than plan doing that from specific times like 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Once it hits 12 you’ll need to stop doing that right away. Whatever you didn’t finish, go ahead and make a note and be sure to set aside time the following day to complete what you need to. After you’re finished with your money generating activities, go ahead and pencil in a lunch break for yourself. Make sure to end your break at a specific time of day and continue doing your next activities for a certain amount of time after that. If you plan out your day with activities and also factor in the time it will take you to do each activity, you can be much more efficient with your time.

If you plan out every day like I’ve outline above, it’s pretty hard to not gain a lot of momentum quickly in your business. Rather than day dreaming how awesome it’s going to be when you’re making tons of money, figure out the plan how to get to that point. Once you figure out a goal for your business and where you want it to be, you can take massive action towards achieving that goal by taking small steps to get there ever day. At first it might seem hard to figure out how much time every activity will take, but you’ll start getting the hang of it. Once you implement this for 4 weeks in a row you will quickly feel unstoppable and will be well on your way to growing your tree trimming business.